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Bug in global Quantity count with product with declinations ( PS 1.2.5)
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Author Topic: Bug in global Quantity count with product with declinations ( PS 1.2.5)  (Read 1444 times)
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« on: October 20, 2011, 05:19:35 PM »


I'm facing a problem under PS 1.2.5.

I have a product with two variations (example : blue & red as a color for a reference).

Let's say that both declinations are set with a quantity of 10 => total reference quantity is then 20.

If a customer buy 5 units of the red declination, under QuickUpdate:
- global quantity displayed in quantity column remains at 20
- the popup window with my products declinations is correctly displaying 10 units of the blue color and 5 of the red

I guess this is due to the way PS 1.2.5 calculate the global quantity of a product : it seems to update the main product reference quantity only when the product page on the back office is accessed  (if I go on my product page in the BO and click "save" then QuickUpdate now see the correct global count of 15 units)

Could the behaviour of QU with PS 1.2.5 be changed to get its quantity not from PS database but calculate it by doing the sum of the variations count for a reference ?

On another topic: a nice feature would be to grey out "attributes" icon under QuickUpdate if a product does not have attributes/declinations

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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2011, 04:18:38 PM »

Hi Matt,

Thank you for you feedback. The observation is accurate and the reason for it to be like that is rather rational. Explained:

The product quantity can be mass-updated from the product list so if it were to represent the sum of the attribute quantities and you would update it from the product list, how would QuickUpdate know how to spread that quantity across all the attributes?...

Because this "bug" has been reported several times, we are taking into account adding another column which will display the quantity sum of attributes, but we'll check if it is viable.

Regarding the "grey out "attributes" icon" - it would be indeed a nice feature to have and i added it to the list of implementation. If it can be done we will implement it for sure.

Best regards.
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