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Title: [Live Filter PRO] Release Notes
Post by: admin on August 22, 2011, 02:59:05 PM
New features in Live Filter PRO v3.0:

1. Two display styles - the module now features 2 display modes. One is the classic Prestashop block on the left or right column which displays the filter options. The other is the innovative filter style present in the initial Live Filter module, which displays the block on the bottom of the page, and follows the browser scrolling, thus staying all the time in view.

2. Real-time instant filter - even if this feature has been present in the previous version of the module, it has been improved by adding a loading indicator. The real-time filter means that the page is not refreshed, and the filtered products are loaded in-place.

3. Filter pagination - when the filter is applied, and the products are displayed, the standard Prestashop pagination is displayed for navigation.

4. Sorting - both the standard sorting and products per page drop-downs are displayed and usable by the customer. All the operations are don without page refresh.

5. Filter collapse - both styles of the filter can be collapsed (hidden) by the user, offering more space for other information. The collapse state is remembered, so at page refresh, the filter will be in the same state the user selected. Also this features can be turned on or off from the module configuration.

6. Auto-detect options - the filter auto-detects all the options it needs to present based on context. This means that the filter will always show only the options relevant to the current page. If the user is on a category page, the filter will only show options relevant to the products present in that category, etc.

7. Naturally sorted options - most of the options presented by the filter are naturally sorted. This means that features, attributes, etc. will be sorted ascending by their natural significance. Example: 16gb & 2gb - a standard sorting would order them like this: 16gb, 2gb - the natural sorting will sort them like this: 2gb, 16gb.

8. One click clear filter - a button is present on the bottom of the filter block which allows the complete reset of the filter.

9. Customization through CSS - almost all of the filter design features can be customized through CSS to fit any theme.

10. Filter options - the filter takes into account the following options of the products: attributes, features, price, manufacturers and also tags (number of tags can be set in the module configuration)

Title: Re: [Live Filter PRO] Release Notes
Post by: admin on March 06, 2012, 05:14:46 PM
New features in Live Filter PRO v3.5:

1. Zero Performance Impact - loads the filter asynchronously without affecting page loads. Very important performance improvement.

2. Ability to include / exclude filter options - added config options which allow the explicit inclusion or exclusion of filter options. You can now add / remove every single option the filter displays.

3. Exclude pages from display - implemented option which allows the setup of specific pages where the filter will NOT be displayed. The option operates in 2 modes - Broad and Exact. Using Broad mode you can define partial URLs which will exclude any page containing the fragments. Exact mode specifically excludes the exact listed URLs from display.

4. Subcategories inclusion - implemented option and functionality to traverse the sub-category tree of the current category so that all products in the category are included in the results (all products from all subcategories).

5. Added "Condition" option - allows the filtering of products by their condition (New / Used / Refurbished)

6. Added "Other" option - allows the filtering of products by other criteria - In stock (products only in stock) | Online only | Recently added (new products added in the shop) | On sale (products marked on sale)

7. Animation speed config - now the animation speed of expand / collapse can be configured in the module

8. Opacity animation -  useful implementation for some use-cases which allows the filter to be fully visible at load time and slowly fade to the opacity level configured. Also enables the filter to become fully visible when the user hover the mouse on the filter block. Only affects the "bottom" style.

Title: Re: [Live Filter PRO] Release Notes
Post by: admin on March 20, 2012, 12:36:31 PM
New features in Live Filter PRO v3.6:

1. Product comparator compatibility
- enables products to be compared from within the Live Filter PRO results list. It is compatible with PS 1.4 versions that support the product comparator.

2. URL navigation
- Enables the filter to be activated / bookmarked / reviewed from the URL address. The URL is dynamically modified by the filter module, without a page refresh - so there is no interference with the fast and convenient usage of our filter. This is available as an option and can be disabled (default).

3. Partial filter clear
- Enables groups of filtering options to be cleared in a snap. For example clearing all "Color" filter applied, while maintaining the rest of the filters. This is very useful and fast for every visitor of the shop. Previously there was just an option to clear all filters.

4. Smooth slider(s) - The sliders are now very smooth and auto-adapt their step based on their values. Until now, the slider moved with an increment of 1 and caused problems when there were big values displayed, because the handles overlapped and didn't allow a good adjustment. Now the slider is smooth and offers a more accurate movement.

5. Display unit / currency in sliders - sliders now display their measuring unit (weight / height / etc.) or currency (price) so that there is no confusion on what the user is trying to filter.

6. Weight (All PS) + Height, Width, Depth (PS >v1.4 only) sliders - Based on the product information, the filter now offers sliders for quickly adjusting the filtering results with sliders for these characteristics. Options in the module configuration allow enabling / disabling these sliders.

7. Various fixes -
  • Breadcrumb was broken in previous version
    Filtering "Features" in the "Bottom" style cause issues in previous version
    Sorting was broken in previous version
    Subcategories were not correctly included in previous version
    Tags with spaces cause some issues
    Other minor fixes



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