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Title: [QuickUpdate Products Manager] Release Notes
Post by: admin on February 07, 2011, 01:13:56 AM
New features in QuickUpdate v3.8:

1. Compatibility with the new Prestashop v1.4 - this is a transition version, which provides a little different functionality for PS1.4 compared to the other PS versions. Reductions updating is not available in this release of QuickUpdate for shops using PS1.4, but still available for the other shops using previous versions of PS.
2. Number display precision - this affects all numbers in the QuickUpdate interface, based on your shop's 'price display precision' setting. So if you have a pdp of 3 for example, all numbers in QuickUpdate will have 3 decimals.
3. Rapid add products - a very useful feature which allows you to add products from inside QuickUpdate. It allows creating of an unlimited number of products to which you can edit the same number of features as QuickUpdate offers.
4. Category updating - edit the product category for any of the products individually or mass-edit.
5. Undo functionality - allows you to revert back any modifications you made to a product. Works on a product by product base (not field by field), for an unlimited number of products, if the modifications were not already saved.
6. Faster description editing - by providing a new arrangement of the WSYIWYG for descriptions, they fit in one single line and can be edited faster than before.
7. Keep layout configuration - the new version remembers the layout of the product and attribute tables as well as sorting and filtering across uses. So now if you consider you do not need to edit a product feature from inside QuickUpdate (for example EAN13), you can hide the whole column, and it will not appear the next time you start QuickUpdate. This is set to last for 7 days, and will reset afterward.
8. Added new product columns - Now you can edit "Reduction From", "Reduction To" (for PS v1.1 - v1.3 only) and "UPC", "Width", "Height", "Depth" (for PS v1.4 only)
9. Added new attribute columns - Now you can edit "UPC" (PS 1.4 only) and "EAN13" for product attributes.
10. Improved speed - increased the speed of executing by various code optimizations and settings
11. Improved loading speed - decreased the loading speed by optimizing for smaller code, compression and eliminating various errors on loading (which did not affect functionality but loading time)
12. Fixed async loading problem - the previous version of QuickUpdate had an issue with not displaying the modified fields properly (even though they were modified in the shop). This issues is now fixed int this version.
13. Allow o few more characters for references fields - added the allowing of characters like "-" and "/" in reference fields.

Title: [QuickUpdate] Release Notes
Post by: admin on July 01, 2011, 04:47:57 PM
New features in QuickUpdate v4.0:

- Touch friendly design / functionality

- Edit prices with TAX

- Installable as module (+configuration options)

- Huge size reduction -> 50% (less loading time)

- Plugins can now be added to extend functionality

- Error reporting system

- Updating system

- Translatable from the BackOffice system


1. Touch friendly design / functionality - several interface modifications and improvements have been made to allow access on mobile devices. Devices running iOS and Android are the most suitable. Also some features are not fully compatible with these devices (scrolling might not work very well) in spite of our workaround coding. Improvements will be made in this area constantly in future versions.

2. Better category filters - the category filter, besides being more accurate that in previous versions, will now display a parent > child relation for the categories. This is valid for 2nd level of depth categories, to remove any confusion when duplicate name categories are involved. Also the categories in the filter are now arranged alphabetically.

3. Better category updating - the category tree in the product updating list has some coding logic modifications which will provide a more stable and predictable functionality.

4. Clear filters is indicator for filtering presence - the "Clear filters" button will not be active unless filters are active on the product list. This will notify you in an instant if there is any filter applied, without checking all column headers (and scrolling eventually) for a bold-italic font.

5. Added "All" products option - this option is now present in the products per page select, and allows a quick display of all the products in the shop.

6. Added "Duplicate product" action - quickly duplicate any of the products in your list. Is provides a rather limited functionality, duplicating only the product features present in the list (not images & attributes)

7. Undo / update only work when changes are present - another quick notifier, the Update and Undo buttons will now work only when there are changes present.

8. Added "Delete product" action - allows you to quickly delete any product.

9. Added "OnSale" column - mark products as "OnSale"

10. Run product / attribute update/add hooks option - configuration option which tells QuickUpdate to runt the Prestashop hooks for product updating. This is useful if you have any modules / functionality that run when such actions are performed.

11. Error reporting system - very important aspect of the new version is an error reporting system which displays errors to you if anything goes wrong and provides insight of what went wrong.

12. Keep product position in category when updating option - when updating the product categories you have the option to keep the product position in that category. This applies only if at least one of the product categories did not change.

13. Row height option - allows you to set the height of the product rows. The height of the rows also affect the image preview size, so setting a larger value will also display larger images.

14. Force reload option - by default this option is enabled, and tells QuickUpdate to reload the product list after each modification. This is "accuracy mode", because if a change was not made correctly you will be able to see it immediately after the product list has been reloaded. If this option is set to disabled, the product updating process will be performed almost instantly, but with less accuracy, since if some change was not done correctly, you will only be able to see it on the shop, or after a manual Refresh of the product list.

15. Layout remember time option - this option tells QuickUpdate how long you want he layout format to be remembered (column size, column position, etc.). After this time (in days), the layout will be reset.

16. Smaller menu for more space - the menu has been reduced in size, so that more products will fit on one screen.

17. Double-click on column separator resizes column to fit text - double clicking the column separator now, resizes the column to fit the largest text in it.

18. Reductions amount / percent exclude each other (PS 1.1 - 1.3) - you will not be able to set both reduction amount and reduction percent in this version of QuickUpdate. This caused some anomalies in PS, because the previous version of QuickUpdate allowed setting both fields >0.

19. Added 'Last change' column - shows when the product was last changed / updated for informational purposes.

20. EAN13 / UPC columns only accept correct code length - these columns will not accept numbers different than the standard they represent.

21. Fixed translation issues - fixed some translation issues, most related to the filters menu.

22. Mass update for attribute characteristics - the mass update buttons and field can now be used for the Attrbute window for mass udpdating attributes.

23. Access PIN for direct mobile access - this option allows the setting of a custom access PIN for quickly and directly accessing QuickUpdate on a mobile device.

24. Fix issue on #Items change - no longer reloads product list everytime iti is open.

25. Added Price with TAX column - added the ability to edit product with TAX

26. Added TAX column - added a column displaying the applied tax for the respective product. The column is not editable at this point.

Title: Re: [QuickUpdate] Release Notes
Post by: admin on February 18, 2012, 07:27:41 PM
New features in QuickUpdate v4.5:

Version v4.5 brings quite a lot of new features and improvements.

Besides the rather long list of new additions, there are a few important aspects to note, which affect the overall usage experience:

1. Reduced size - we used special optimizing and compression techniques to bring down the size of the module dramatically.
In numbers, v4.5 is 75% smaller in size than v3.0. This is important because of the mobile access we introduced in v4.0 and which means less network traffic and speedier access.

2. New mass-updating with sections - we introduced sections in this new version which reflect the updating context we want to use. One example is the "Attrributes" section which brings up a panel on half of the screen, listing combinations of the selected products.
This allows you to mass-update combinations for multiple products at once, because the listing consists of all the selected products' combinations.

New key features:

  • Manage Images
  • Manage product combinations
  • Edit attributes & groups
  • Manage reductions
  • Quick filters
  • Conditional formatting
  • Accessible settings
  • Employee access control
  • Cross - computer layout
  • Import / Export


1. Manage product images - allow easy add / delete / edit of product images. Also offers ability to mass-update images

2. Manage product combinations - update & mass-update product combinations by using the "Attributes" section. By selecting multiple products, you are able to mass-update combinations across multiple products.

3. Edit attributes and groups - rather self-explanatory, allows updating of attributes and attribute groups.

4. Manage reductions - reductions section allow update and mass-update of product reductions.

5. Quick filters - we introduces this feature to allow a very accessible way of filtering products. Below most column headers, there is an input field now, which redirects the input you type to the column header. There is no need this way, to go through the hassle of opening the column header menu and access the filters sub-menu.

6. Conditional formatting - yet another new feature which we saw as very useful is the ability to conditionally-format the product list. This allows a very efficient way of highlighting unwanted situations. For example you can now create a formatting rule to color in red any product that has quantity = 0.

7. Accessible settings - module settings are now available directly from within QuickUpdate application

8. Employee access control - you can now set which employees have access to QuickUpdate or not. It is you responsability to further manage access to the module configuration, so that an employee doe not grant him/herself access to QuickUpdate.

9. Cross-computer layout - the layout you configure in QuickUpdate now is remembered from wherever you access it again. It happens on an empolyee level so that every one benefits from their own preferred layout.

10. Edit inactive languages - you can now edit languages that are not active. They will be grayed out in the languages list, but are editable.

11. Added condition, manufacturer, wholesale price, location and in stock columns in product table.

12. Added "Margin" column - which displays the margin as a percent calculated from Price / Wholesale price. Can be used with the conditional formatter and filters to identify the most / least profitable products.

13. Import Export  - allows importing products from CSV and exporting products to CSV and XLS

Title: Re: [QuickUpdate] Release Notes
Post by: admin on April 15, 2019, 12:09:11 AM
New features in QuickUpdate v4.7:

What's new in QuickUpdate for Prestashop v4.7:

New Compatibility with <>Prestashop v1.5.x, v1.6.x, v1.7.x
New Manage / bulk-edit product accessories
New Manage / bulk-edit multi-product images with preview
New mass duplicate products button
New  edit position for images
New title of right section shows number of products selected
New Right section bottom bar shows total number of items displayed
New Improved layout for better usability
Multiple other improvements and bug fixes

Title: Re: [QuickUpdate] Release Notes
Post by: admin on September 04, 2019, 03:56:01 PM
New features in QuickUpdate v4.7.3:

What's new in QuickUpdate for Prestashop v4.7.3:

[FIX] Multiple bug fixes and improvements
[FIX] Updater fixed, now update process will work as expected, please download the latest updater file before trying to update to latest version.

Title: Re: [QuickUpdate Products Manager] Release Notes
Post by: admin on October 24, 2019, 08:10:40 PM
New features in QuickUpdate v4.8.0:

[New] "Texts & SEO" section and functionality
[New] Auto-translate functionality

[FIX] Multiple other improvements and bug fixes

Title: Re: [QuickUpdate Products Manager] Release Notes
Post by: admin on November 30, 2019, 05:31:18 PM
New features in QuickUpdate v4.9.0:

[NEW] "Features" section and functionality
[NEW] Performance improvements
[FIX] Add combinations split-er is now a minus
[FIX] Some tabs did not reload with correct language
[FIX] Multiple other improvements and bug fixes



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