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Facebook Connect Affiliation

Facebook Connect Affiliation is a Prestashop  module which enables your customers to leverage their Facebook network to get discounts! Working with the standard PS Referral Program module, it gives every customer the option to become your affiliate, by publishing the contents of their Prestashop shopping cart on their Facebook Profile, earning vouchers for every friend they bring.

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Facebook Connect Affiliation module for Prestashop automatically integrates Facebook Connect functionality into your Prestashop store. Referral Program integration allows your customers to publish their shopping cart contents on their Facebook profile for everyone to see. The Referral functionality enables every user that comes from the customer's Facebook page to earn a discount voucher based on the Referral Program module settings (explained below). With the new  "Instant Sign-ON", the customer may now enjoy browsing the e-shop, adding products in the cart and perform login whenever he /she wants instantly without page refresh!!

The Facebook Connect Affiliation module simulates an affiliate solution including the Single SIGN-ON Facebook Connect offers.


Facebook Connect Affiliation module presents your customers with the option to publish the contents of their shopping cart on their Facebook page. After publishing their shopping cart, every friend / contact in their Facebook network will see the contents they have published. When a user clicks the products in the list, they are directed to your website and are automatically assigned with a discount voucher (in the amount you have set in the Referral Program module and based on the voucher ratio). If they place an order on your shop, the "Sponsor" (customer that published his / her shopping cart) also gets a discount voucher.


v5.2 [ 14 December 2011 ] {Release Notes}


  • Compatibility with latest Facebook API
  • Login & Logout redirect URL configuration option(Instant SignON set to OFF)
  • Minor fixes


Prestashop v1.0 - v1.4


  • Languages:*   
  • Instant Sign-ON - no more page refresh on login / logout
  • Allows all features of a normal Prestahop customer
  • Single Sign-ON with Facebook account
  • Referral Program integration with unbeatable marketing power
  • Old customers can use Facebook Connect
  • Newsletter registration for customers
  • "Publish on Facebook" displayed in two selectable sections
  • Voucher ratio - allows different voucher value for sponsor /  friends
  • Optional cart publish - customer may publish cart contents or not
  • Fully Translatable
  • Fully integrated into Prestashop


* Other languages besides English are machine-translated and vary in accuracy


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Facebook Connect enables Single Sign-On directly with a Facebook account for websites. The Referral Program is a very powerful marketing tool and  Facebook's social network has a huge viral power - by combining both into the Facebook Connect Affiliation module - it becomes an unbeatable marketing asset for your PrestaShop website.


Standard PS module installation



FREE future updates for each licence.



The Facebook Connect Affiliation module is STAND-ALONE and does not require the Facebook Connect module to function.



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