Prestashop modules by QuickUpdate
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Customer centric modules

Low cost of ownership:

Most software developers ask for a lower price point for their software and charge significantly more on support and update services rising the total cost of ownership of the respective software well beyond the initial price.  

We don't - overall, our software products are way lower-cost and get lower and lower over time with every new update provided to our customers and every support request solved for them.

On the long run this cost tends to go to insignificant.

Free unlimited support:

Our modules come with free unlimited support attached to them and included in their price. No additional cost for your support requests.

Usability focused design:

The modules we provide are designed ground-up with usability in mind. The features, functionality and design are all considered to help the user achieve what he / she needs. This vision also applies to the community driven concept we adopted for our modules.

Free unlimited updates:

The same as with support, our modules come attached with the ability to automatically and freely update them. No additional upgrade charges or hidden costs.

Feature rich functionality:

Most of the time we go a step further and provide additional features that would not be otherwise included in a standard development process. All the software we develop aims to provide the most useful features possible while also considering our customer feedback regarding them.

Community driven:

We take this very seriously - each module we develop or will develop is adjusted to the community requests. This is why we strongly advise any of our customers to engage in posting feature requests as they need them. We take them into account and, moreover implement them in each update round of the targeted module.

Developer friendly:

We know the frustration and issues a dveloper has to overcome when dealing with customer needs. This is why we are implementing the Endpulse Partnership Program which enables developers to get up-to-speed with the tools they need to comply with customer requests. Our partnership program offers a very flexible policy that enables any developer to become our partner.